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Thursday, March 17, 2011

What makes it special...

I've been asked what materials I use often.
At first, my brain said "SHHHHH! It's a secret!" I giggled at me. I learned how to do this from internet search. Anyone else can too. What's the difference between me and others? Devotion to improve & create something that is so stylish, it JUMPS off the wall. Really, all it comes down to is canvas, batting, fabric, buttons, thread & a boat load of hot glue. (I've been fairly certain I'd be attached to the table by hot glue strings before). I've been told they can be done with foam board to save expense. ICK. How would you get the buttons to sink into the board? Presentation would be horrible. 
I'm looking into doing a couple of product reviews with some blogger mommas. 

Thanks to everyone for business picking up :)

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